1954 RCA Strato World Model 3-BX-671 on Shortwave

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1954 RCA Strato World Model 3-BX-671 on Shortwave In this video, the Strato World's SW rod is raised up and tuned around on the 31M band.

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1954 1954 RCA Strato World Model 3-BX-671 RCA's version of the Zenith Trans Oceanic, introduced in 1954. Instead of a wood cabinet, the Strato World is aluminum with plastic end bells, wood back, plastic antenna door, covered in tan leather. It's unique in that the entire face is both the slide-rule dial and speaker grill. Basically cove
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Reproduction Reproduction 1950s General AB Pack for the 1954 RCA Strato World Shown here is the battery used in the Strato World. This is one of the most requested batteries I have on order.
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1954 1954 Regency TR-1 Transistor Radio Chassis View This is the chassis view of the 1954 Regency Transistor Radio. Almost all the parts you see in this chassis were made specifically for it. Also shown is my reproduction 412 battery--uses two 12-volt garage door opener batteries.
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Best Best shortwave radio from $50 to $100 february 2014 From all reports I've seen .. Tecsun PL-880 receiver is great at about 175 $
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Radio Radio Zenith modelo Trans-oceanic Y600 de 1956 Amigos, una radio más restaurada, un clásico norteamericano de la posguerra Versión en HD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pc64mcrBfgQ
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1960 1960 RCA Victor Model 1MBT6 "Strato World" Transistor AM/SW Portable Radio RCA's transistorized version of their Strato World shortwave portable radio. This model, along with the Zenith Royal 1000 and Philco T-9 Trans World were Consumer Reports' top picks in 1960. Not a very common set--cabinet is flimsier than most, and I suspect they didn't take wear and tear. In fa
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TV TV Manufacturing: "The Reasons Why" 1959 RCA Desiging and Making Televisions more at http://scitech.quickfound.net/ "Television manufacturing at RCA's New Jersey plant. Includes scenes of design, engineering and quality control. Great scenes of TVs with flickering test patterns." Public domain film from the Library of Congress Prelinger Archive, slightly cropped to remove
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New New Equipment 3-20-10 Here are some new things I got recently. Heathkit AM/FM tube-type tuner, RCA Victor and Zenith tube-type table radios, Zenith Trans-Oceanic, RCA Strato-World tube-type portable radio, New metal shelf unit.
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WORLD'S WORLD'S FIRST: Pocket Radio made in 1954 REGENCY invented the world's first pocket transistor radio, manufacturing it from October 1954 till 1955 about 100,000 sets were manufactured. Today around 5,000 sets are estimated to have survived.
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The The Glory Days of Shortwave Radio Historical recordings of interval signals from former international broadcasters. Back in the days the shortwave bands were the only window to the rest of the world.
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Zenith Zenith Transoceanic G500 Restored When I picked up this abused G500 at a hamfest it appeared to have suffered from heat damage. The dial cover was melted and distorted, the dial itself scratched up badly - from being tuned after the plastic cover melted, and the black plastic on the front of the radio has been somewhat discoloured
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My My Realistic DX-160 Shortwave Radio Arrives I take a trip back in time by purchasing a shortwave radio I dreamed of owning back in 1976! Notice the rapid fluctuation of signals on the S-Meter, this is due to a solar storm in progress! I have seen this many times and suspected it during the video but confirmed it afterwards while uploading t
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